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swarnima-Wallpaper -WordPress-theme

swarnima wallpaper theme downloadWallpaper WordPress theme Swarnima is developed using bootstrap Css Framework  according to the latest recommendation by Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO is an integral part of our WordPress themes and this Wallpaper template is also implementing the best practices of it.

This WordPress theme for Wallpaper is designed to run on minimum resources, does not create multiple images.WordPress theme for Wallpaper website

Salient Features of WordPress Theme Wallpapers

The theme was designed to showcase Facebook Timeline cover,Google plus covers, Twitter Timeline images to normal Wallpaper. This single theme can also be used to showcase photographs  of a creative designer. Some of the salient feature of this wonderful theme are

Responsive design

Theme built with bootstrap with font awesome so rest assured this is fully compatible with all the major mobile devices. This also enables to use all the font-awesome icons at any place

Built in Theme Setting Page

Built in Wallpaper theme  setting page so that you can set your website logo and favicon directly from admin panel. It is one of the simplest theme admin panel.

Wallpaper theme admin panel

Built in Adsense support

Place your best ads at the best location that converts the most ie after title after image  and after the wallpaper.

Built in Google Analytics Support

Want to add analytics code into each page.Just relax and add your code on each page using themes’ built in analytics page

Built in sharing buttons

Built in sharing button

Built in social sharing buttons . No need to add any extra social sharing button.

Designed for Speed

Theme automatically removes query strings from the URL recommended by Google Pagespeed and Yslow for better speed. On top of it the whole theme generate only two copies of the uploaded images instead of deafult 4 images

Built in Pagination

Theme utilized the built in pagination system used by the WordPress itself but we hacked them a little bit to look little bit more stylish

Built in Download Counter

How many times a Wallpaper has been downloaded is already embedded inside the theme. No need to add any extra plugin or software.

Page Templates

We have designed page templates to show Top view, top downloaded Wallpapers and random wallpapers and category list

Bulk Uploader

Support bulk upload of images so that you can start earning from the next day onwards. Bulk uploader is our own developed plugin specially designed for Wallpaper WordPress website and LOL WordPress theme


Demo Wallpaper website

Buy Swarnima Wallpaper WordPress theme for only $49 $39

Where You Can use this Theme : The theme can be used to generate a website to show Facebook, Google plus, Twitter Timeline Images as well as to showcase Wallpapers.

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10 thoughts on “WordPress theme for Wallpapers Website-Swarnima”

  1. Hi,

    Thank you for the response….

    1) Cool
    2) Cool
    3) Fine
    4) Cool
    5) Any chance you could fix this on the demo site before I purchase? Bit worried I will buy and be stuck with this problem. It still says ‘155’ when I click the red button, I’m worried that I will purchase and be stuck with this problem myself?

  2. Hi,

    I like this theme and want to buy it, but a few problems and questions first.

    1). ‘Top Viewed’ does not have an icon on the menu, how easy is it to add an icon?

    2). The correct terms would be ‘views’ not ‘view’ and ‘downloads’ not ‘download’, how difficult to change this wording to the plural?

    3). Can you please show me a tag page? You don’t have one in your demo.

    4) What plugin can I use to allow visitors to upload their own wallpapers, like you can on the real hdwallsource.com?

    5). When I click the red download button, the wallpaper does download… but a note pops up in a grey box saying ‘binary note says… 155’. Looks like an error / bug, can this be fixed before I purchase? See image below..



    1. Hi Ryan
      1. It is very easy to add view icon on this- Use font awesome for menu and follow the procedure to add icon
      2. These are very easy to do either i can do it for you or will guide you to do it yourself.
      3. Tag page is not generated for this but it could be
      4. recommended plugins are listed in its documentation but you can use almost every plugin listed in WordPress repository( if you really need them)
      5. That is a simple code that i was checking to count download but forgot to comment out.

  3. hi I want to buy this theme but getting following error

    Sorry, we can’t complete your purchase at this time
    Please return to the merchant and choose another way to pay.

    I from India

    1. Hi Devendra Please check your email, We have given you more than one option to pay us, and other details

  4. hello

    I understand that swarnia is as latest and superior to other themes. But at demo I could not find downloads for different resolutions. İs there a full working demo. Actually I like abisnek theme better, but I have very less coding skills so I dont know how to change, or if I can change theme colors. Also I dont want to start with an older model. In short I cound’nt decide which to choose. Can you give more info so I can pick one

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Arda, Basically the purpose of swarnima theme is to provide single copy of the image thus in a single page we have only provided no download button, user is requested to download the uploaded image( ie visible on the website single post). Abhishek and V2 both are full responsive and in demand so if you could not decide how to change colors and everything then just go with v2 theme.

  5. Hi Rakesh,
    Thank you for detail on this theme. I just want to know whether it will work properly in wordpress 4.3 because some of the themes are not working properly with me.

    1. Hi Mohit, We have already tested this theme with latest version of WordPress ie 4.3 and it has not shown any type of inconsistancy. Besides that We are always behind our every theme so any any stage if you feel unfomfortable, just give us a mail and we will try so solve your issue. If we are not able to solve your issue then you will be entitled for full refund. ~rakesh kumar

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