Photon Wallpaper theme for WordPress

Photon Wordpress theme

Event Blogging is one of the oldest methods to make money online using photo blogging, Quotation, Shayari and many more. The idea behind this new Wallpaper WordPress theme is to promote only those contents that have the most recent impact on its readers using WordPress Category Ordering System

Responsive wallpaper theme

Using this theme you can push your content on the home page and at your desired position using the built in the category ordering system. Here is the screenshot of such website using WordPress category ordering system.

Sorted WordPress Category

This Wallpaper theme is developed from the scratch and does not use any CSS or Wallpaper Search Engine so have minimum CSS footprint.

Category Ordering System: Using this system, You can place your desired Category on the home page and on a Particular position. That can help you to gain more visitor for any upcoming event.

Category ordering Number

Built for SEO: 100% SEO score on google lighthouse.  ie The theme is rendering your website as per the Latest SEO guidelines and does not have any active SEO issues

Category and Sub-category system for better browsing your Wallpaper Website. ie if you have divided your festival Category into 20 sub-categories then you, first of all, show your main category and when you select main-category then you will be able to see your 20 sub-categories AND on selecting any sub-category you will get its Wallpapers.


Related Wallpapers:  Related Wallpapers is also shown for each wallpaper.  Related Wallpapers are based on the wallpapers from the same category but will try to show different wallpaper on each selection. The total number of related wallpaper can be controlled via the theme options panel.

related wallpaper images

Creation of Different Sizes: Wallpaper theme is able to create different Wallpaper sizes based on the available sizes in the theme. This script will not add any extra images to your server.

multiple image sizesTheme Options Panel: Wallpaper WordPress theme has its own built-in Theme Options Panel using that you can set your own Website branding like Logo, Favicon etc built using popular theme options panel framework.

Wallpaper theme admin Panel

Popular post and Popular Download: Built-in options to count most viewed and most popular wallpapers on your website. You can also display these wallpapers on your website using built-in page templates.

Top Downloaded Wallpaper

Documentation: Theme bundled with comprehensive documentation that includes each and everything that is required to set up this theme as its fully functional demo.

Adsense ready: Has a built-in system for embedding Adsense code from the very first post. No need to add any extra Adsense plugin for Adsense code. These adsense positions are based on the Adsense heatmap for better CTR.

Instant download: No waiting time, Once you paid using PayPal, its download link will automatically appear in your inbox ( Email ID used for payment). No waiting time or writing administrator for the download link.  Every download Zip file includes, So, first of all, you are required to unzip the zip file in a folder and then do the needful.

  1. WordPress theme for Wallpaper
  2. Sample Data
  3. Required Plugins
  4. Documentation

Wallpaper WordPress Theme Demo

This is one of the most advanced Wallpaper WordPress theme available on the net if you are able to find any such Wallpaper theme that has all these features in this price that. Let me know the URL and rest assured I will send the download link of this theme to you free of cost

Most Important

With each download, you are automatically entitled to my personal assistance on any one domain of your choice. If you further need any help beyond in the documentation or you last more customization then please feel free to contact us at support@binarynote.com

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