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How to Hide Category posts from front Page

Recently when I was working on some C++ tutorials on recursion and published 30 Best recursive Programs in C++ then suddenly realized that this is not my niche on binarynote……

9 mistakes that would not let your website to rank

9 Mistakes that would not let your WordPress site to Rank

If you come to know that due to your WordPress website setup all your hard work is going into fumes besides your best SEO efforts? Though there are 10000 of…..

Equal height column using CSS and HTML table

How to make equal height column in WordPress – Final solution

Equal height columns in WordPress is the ultimate aim of this article but before talking to that making equal height in normal html based website is little bit easy and…..

responsive video tricks

How to add responsive Video using Oembed in WordPress

Oembed help us to add any video in our post or pages without knowing how their original site is rendering or showinh the same video.  Few website loads their video…..

viralNews WordPress theme

How to Add masonary jquery plugin to WordPress theme –easiest method

A lot of methods are already given to add jquery plugin inside your WordPress theme or plugin. The HTML and CSS methods listed in its developer website has a minimum…..